The Moral Failure of the Ryan Budget

I am sorry that Paul Ryan and his family lost his father when he was young, but Paul Ryan drew benefits from Social Security during his teenage years due to his family’s tragedy, you can’t tell me that those checks weren’t helpful, yet he feels no guilt denying millions of unfortunate Americans the very same lifeline that had helped him and his family all those years ago. A corresponding analogy is that republicans like Paul Ryan climb up the ladder of opportunity and quickly pull the ladder up our of reach for those who follow, leaving them at the bottom of the pile in a heap of dead ends. Our President and the First Lady have repeatedly called for congress to write legislation that would in contrast strengthen our ladder of opportunities and possibilities and open the door to a whole new world of potential. Paul Ryan wants us to subsidize the rich and corporate America by asking us to accept less tax revenue from them, so they can effectively grow their own bank accounts and profits while forcing us to exist paycheck to paycheck because leveling the playing field by allowing for living wages, affordable college, affordable health care and affordable housing are anathema to the Republican Party ideological agenda. Paul Ryan tries to justify his immoral economic vision for America in terms of producers, he wants us to believe that the wealthy and corporations are solely responsible for producing wealth, he is lying to the American people, demand is the driving force of our economic engine, consumers/workers are the actual producers in our society. You can have an idea, a product, it can be a great one, but no matter how great it is, if there aren’t consumers willing or able to purchase it, you will stay at zero in the economic game of supply and demand. Paul Ryan’s economic plan keeps our economy depressed because he is denying the 99% access to programs that have demonstrably lifted them out of poverty and allowed them to actively participate in our economy and society. I just wish that more people would take the time to dissect conservative economic theory, they would realize how detrimental it is to a society, we all do better when we are in this together.
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