Congressman Thinks Ethics Office Too Tough, So He Tries To Cut It

Rep. Pearce is simply following in the footsteps of disgraced former Speaker Newt Gingrich. Their idea that self-policing is enough, has influenced all of their legislative actions since the 1990’s, the Republican Party has long fought against regulations, arguing that we should trust companies and industries in their self-regulation when it comes to waste disposal, pollution, wastewater management and food safety. How has that worked out for us in the past? Rep. Pearce’s attempt to shut down an independent body, who is charged to keep congress honest isn’t surprising, thank goodness he was unsuccessful. Unfortunately, even though Newt Gingrich was taken down in a show of disgrace, it wasn’t done before he had already laid waste to the methods of operation that had worked for so long, he took a cleaver to congress’ budget and forced congress to go outside the chamber for research and writing legislation, opening the door to organizations such as ALEC who write legislation skewed to conservative and corporate sensibilities, also to lobbyists who write legislation in favor of big banks, gone were the days that congress and their staff wrote their own bills after the appropriate amount of research, that was the gift Newt made to the Republican Party, a way to make government less effective and more acrimonious from within, rendering government even weaker in the eyes of the public, whom our government should serve, Newt’s strategy was brilliant, how better to attack an opponent than from within. If we would listen to Bernie Sanders, he would sack all of the lobbyists and the ALEC type organizations out of Washington D.C and leave room for the people to determine how things are run. He would work to get power back for the people. We need Bernie to continue with his message no matter what.
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