Hillary Clinton Spoke About Reproductive Justice In A Genuinely Intersectional Way

I’m glad Hillary Clinton spoke out about the interconnectedness of reproductive freedom and economic, social and familial freedoms. Women of every creed, color and economic class deserve the respect and privacy that men enjoy sexually and reproductively, why is it okay to subsidize viagra and cealis but not birth control methods? It is both sad and courageous that Hillary Clinton’s speech should be considered almost groundbreaking before a general election, if we want movement on the reproductive freedom platform we need to be more aggressive at all levels of government, it is unconscionable that states like Texas are allowed to systematically deny women the possibility of self-determination by hamstringing their reproductive rights, we have historical data that proves when women are in charge of their own birth control they can do so much more for themselves then when they are at the mercy of their own biology. We are in the 21st century when are we going to stop letting archaic ideology dictate what women can or cannot do?
Read the article:


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