An Easy Guide to Contacting Your Elected Representatives About Gun Control

It is up to us to finally do something about our violent cultural insanity. After Sandy Hook, when congress didn’t, wouldn’t or couldn’t step up to the plate, I knew that nothing happening afterwards could be more impactful then 6 to 7 year old victims. I feel for the LGBT community, their lives are difficult enough as it is, they don’t need more proof that for certain deranged or prejudiced people, their lives mean nothing, but I can guarantee that congress will do nothing unless we unite as a majority and by emailing, tweeting and/or calling senators and representatives and threatening to vote them out of office unless they vote the right way, we won’t see anything happen organically. Moreover we need to stand together against the NRA, diminish their power and their access to money somehow. This is the time to act, not pray but act.
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