Here’s Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Save Puerto Rico And Stick It To Vulture Funds

Good ole Bernie, even from the campaign trail, he takes the time to address an emergency and make no mistake, Puerto Rico’s fiscal crisis is a humanitarian crisis, we have a moral responsibility to aid Puerto Rico, they are part of our nation, we can’t push them off to the side. John Oliver had a wonderful segment addressing debt, he focused on debt collectors and their impact on the poor individual, but it could easily be extended to our states and territories, the vulture hedge fund managers who seek to bleed their victims dry regardless of the negative impact on economic growth. Long term economic growth should be a factor in any debt restructuring which in my mind policy makers tend to ignore to the detriment of the victim’s populace. I trust Bernie’s plan much more than what congress and the White House are proposing, Bernie is responding to the needs of the people while congress and the White House are responding to Wall Street, part and parcel of neoliberal economic thinking, part of the reason Puerto Rico is in the crisis it’s in by the way. We need to abandon neoliberal economic thinking, neoconservative warmongering and bring back the mindset that defined the “greatest generation” as Tom Brokaw wrote so beautifully about a few years back. The mindset spoke to being in this together, there is too much of “I got mine, you’re on your own”. Society always does better in unity and Bernie spent his entire campaign reminding us of that and see how strongly his message resonated with the young people, there is hope, Bernie embodies it.
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