Obama Excoriates Republican Obsession With The Term ‘Radical Islam’

Our President clearly laid out the emptiness and ignorance of Donald Trump in a rare show of impassioned righteous anger, it was beautiful. I was infinitely disgusted by Trump’s tweet where he narcissistically basked in self-congratulations over his ad nauseum use of the phrase radical Islam, that’s all he has to offer, that and a ban, not a recipe for success in anything except for feeding the enemy’s narrative. Our enemy is a band of religious fanatics raised in a region that has seen decades of war, violence and atrocities much of it beyond their control, economic prospects non-existent, their hopes and dreams going nowhere. We need to understand the bigger picture, the historical source before we can form any type of strategy that will change what is happening and Trump is devoid of the intelligence necessary to understand this concept. It is easier to hate, to blame and to strike out, however finding both short and long term solutions to a war that knows no borders, that is fueled by a nihilistic ideology that found its home in the disenfranchised requires hard work and deep analytical and critical thinking And Donald clearly doesn’t understand this. We need our leaders to be smart, savvy, compassionate and embed with common sense, Donald Trump is sorely lacking in all qualifications. 

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