Democrats Launch Filibuster-Style Blockade On Guns

I applaud Senator Murphy for his action, I hope the filibuster generates much needed movement in congress to bring legislation up for a vote regarding common sense gun control. In my opinion the strongest measure that we can take as a nation is to demand that our lawmakers bring back the ban on assault weapons and more importantly allow law enforcement to confiscate as many as possible that remain on the streets. My mother had a wonderful idea regarding those law-abiding people who love shooting assault weapons, they would be able to at shooting ranges, they could rent assault weapons on the range and shoot away to their heart’s content, there problem solved. Our right to life supersedes anyone’s right to a lethal weapon, I haven’t any problem with a gun owner keeping a pistol or a rifle in their home, however I have a huge problem with concealed and open carry laws. Our second amendment states it so very clearly “a well regulated militia” the first and most important part of the amendment, the second amendment does not allow for irresponsible gun ownership and it doesn’t allow for military style weaponry either. We have become a joke over guns, we don’t have to worry about foreign terrorist threats, we kill each other very efficiently all by our lonesome and it needs to stop.
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