Hillary Clinton Thinks Women Should Be Included In The Draft

If the republicans are willing to support this bill with the goal of shoring up equality in the military, then the republicans should get on board with Gildebrand’s Bill as well, regarding sexual assault in the military. If you are going to support women in the military, you might as well go all the way in your support. Moreover, I should specify that Kirsten Gildebrand’s Bill also extends to male victims who number far more than we think. Back to the draft, I’m in favor of reinstituting the draft because it would force us parents to think twice when it comes to election time, we need to vote war hawks out of congress or at least vote in people, who like Bernie Sanders, believe that it is equally important to factor in veteran care when contemplating going to war instead of singlemindedly focusing on military readiness. Perhaps if our own, across the board, sons and daughters were going to put themselves in harm’s way without significant reasons or threats, we would get out in the streets to vehement ally protest instead of passively accepting war as beyond our control. Just a thought.
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    I got chills whenever I heard my Mom, Dad, and teachers talk about what it was like during the Vietnam War—-the draft lottery, and people being afraid of being drafted. I’m hesitant to support reinstituting the draft. But, as you say, maybe that type of fear could keep us out of more wars.

    1. I see your point of view James. I just wonder what will it take for us to stop going so quickly into military conflicts. 😀

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