This Is Probably What’s In The GOP Obamacare ‘Replacement’

Once you take the time to whittle down the pros and cons, it becomes much easier to understand why and how the ACA grew into a 2000 page piece of legislation, I find it to be imperfect, especially once they decided to forego on the public option, but the ACA has covered many more Americans then before despite the obstruction thrown up by republicans at all levels. What frustrates me greatly is even on the Democratic Party side, there lies dissension on how best to proceed to get to truly universal coverage and to keep premiums economically manageable, there are many on the left who are against Medicare for All, a platform that Bernie Sanders campaigned for and Clintonites wrote often how impractical Bernie was being by calling for it, Paul Krugman devoted several columns decrying how fiscally irresponsible it was to try to implement Medicare for All at this junction of the ACA’s lifespan. We see this back and forth on the left and then the right, still hellbent on repealing the ACA, still hasn’t come up with anything more than a one page outline. So what is the average voter supposed to think? Personally I had hoped for a Bernie Sanders nomination so that we could reach for the stars and get Medicare for All, a single payer system that would take profits out of the equation, give us the people greater power to negotiate prices with pharmaceutical companies and hospitals thus keeping costs low through supply and demand. I still don’t understand why the Republican Party insists on beating a dead horse, it has been seven years, their complaints have lost all validity in my opinion.
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