Progress Worth Noting: Congress Strengthens The Freedom Of Information Act And The Public’s Right To Know

I wish the article would have addressed how the new version of the FOIA would impact the F.D.A and the U.S.D.A since I recently read that big agriculture has been lobbying congress hard to be exempt from any Freedom of Information Act requirements. I may welcome our government’s transparency, but I want it in all areas, not just where they are comfortable allowing for it. As a cancer survivor, my dietary regimen is of utmost importance to me, therefore labeling, country of origin knowledge and antibiotic usage are factors in my purchasing, so transparency goes far in the agricultural domain. It is very upsetting to know we have a big industry actively seeking to keep me and the rest of America in the dark. I am not asking big agriculture to change their practices, I am only asking for information so I can buy my products accordingly. Sometimes organic is too expensive, which is why I would like to know how conventional products are grown, packed and processed, it shouldn’t be too much to ask for, an accurate label of ingredients and the origin of where they came from, plus any chemical and antibiotic additions, why is it so difficult for big agriculture to understand this concept?
Read the article:


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