How Obama’s Presidency Has Been A Victory For Working Parents

I am sad that President Obama’s time in the White House is coming to an end, he has accomplished much yet imagine how much further we might have gone together if we had never had a Tea Party Republican faction in congress, better yet no blue dog democrats, they were a huge thorn in our side during the passage of the ACA, good riddance when they were voted out. I, and I’m sure President Obama wishes as well, wish that President Obama’s directives could be applied nationwide and not just to federal contractors, unfortunately they only make up a small percentage of our workforce so the overall benefits don’t have the same ripple effect that broader measures could achieve. The Republican Party, especially when they speak to policy, fails to address the multiplier effects of wage and benefit increases, Paul Krugman explains it very well, working class pay checks cycle directly into the economy since the days of being able to put something away in savings are long gone, there are far more households living paycheck to paycheck that any increase in wages or benefits will be directly felt in the consumer market. What is so frustrating is that we can offer reams and reams of economic data showing how living wages can lift all boats and the Republican Party will turn a blind eye and lend a deaf ear, content to live in their bubble where tax cuts are good, wealthy people are “job creators” and poor people are lazy. How can we expect to run a country when one political party ignores evidence, facts and data? Not only can we not implement new ideas, we can’t even improve upon the existing laws, how are we to move forward into the 21st century?
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