Here’s A Complete List Of All The Times Obama Said He Wants To Take Away Your Guns

I can guarantee that the people who believe that President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are out to get their guns are viewers of Fox News and only Fox News, so they live in the bubble as Bill Maher would say and that bubble isolates and insulates them away from critical or analytical thinking. We shouldn’t then wonder why facts and evidence don’t faze these viewers, if facts don’t support what Fox News has said, those facts don’t matter for the viewer. You can point out the fact that President Obama has done nothing to take away guns to these people and they will argue, even though it hasn’t been the case, that it will happen, I know because I have had those arguments. You can quote the second amendment completely for them, pointing out the fact that “a well-regulated militia” is the first part of the amendment and they ignore your point, you can present the facts that since the beginning of our republic the Supreme Court has ruled that your right to bear arms doesn’t guarantee you the right to have weapons outside the house, they don’t care and you can tell them that the second amendment was written during a time of muskets and funny enough this is the one time that originalists want a modern interpretation to suit their ideology. We as a nation need to stand together against this tiny minority and demand our congress, upon threat of removal from office, to legislate gun control. This has gone too far.
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