Protesters Gather Outside U.S. Capitol To Push For Vote On Guns

I am so proud of the democrat representatives finally taking action on this important matter, not only for employing non-violent civil disobedience tactics, but for calling out the republicans for what they are, a tool of the NRA. Paul Ryan can call it a publicity stunt, in a sense it is, and in my mind those of us who want common sense gun control laws need all of the publicity we can get, if only to convince more Americans to vote out those lawmakers who only do the NRA’s bidding, contrary to what their constituents want to see done on behalf of gun control measures. What Paul Ryan doesn’t understand about publicity is that both sides are getting it, the democrats are getting it and by the crowds standing outside Capital Hill in solidarity, they are getting the good kind, whereas the republicans are getting the negative kind, their moniker “the do nothing party” is quite apt and this standoff is an excellent source of evidence to support the moniker. The democrats are asking for a simple thing, a vote on the issue, that vote would tell voters how lawmakers feel about the sanctity of human life in relation to the Second Amendment, an amendment that calls for a well-regulated militia and nowhere does it state that individuals have the right to assault weapons, the republicans are clearly scared of putting their beliefs on record or else they would agree to a vote. I believe that my right to life overrides an individual’s right to purchase assault weapon, we had a ban on assault weapons and we functioned very well while it was in place, if individuals absolutely need to shoot assault weapons, they can join the military or go to a shooting range, there is no reason for our society to be vulnerable to these kinds of mass shootings. We can choose a better way and we should do so, we owe it to ourselves.
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