Unlike Congress, Hawaii Takes Action On Gun Control

I applaud Hawaii’s Governor and legislature for honoring their constituents safety and wishes by writing and signing into law common sense gun safety regulations, I hope their example will be taken up by more states while we wait for the republican side of congress to grow a backbone. I know that many Americans believe that gun rights should be a state’s prerogative, but I feel that the unevenness between the states gun regulations factors into our gun safety problems. Bill O’Reilly loves to remind us that Chicago has some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation, but he forgets to mention that Indiana, right next door, has some of the weakest regulations, Bill O’Reilly also neglects to address the black market and the pipelines that run throughout our nation, he just yells about freedom, rights and fear, he doesn’t contribute much to the discussion. I fervently support all lawmakers who are using “grandstanding” tactics and “publicity” stunts, by this I am referring to the democrats filibuster and the sit-in, to push for federal level gun control measures, if we have a uniform gun control platform, it takes options off the table for criminals and that is a good thing. When I hear certain groups whining about the threat of having their precious guns taken away from them, I instantly lose respect for them, there has never been an attempt at gun seizure ever, gun sales have never been healthier than before, so these conspiracy theorists look ridiculous. It is wrong that a tiny ideological extremist group should dictate that their right to a lethal weapon trumps my right to safety and life. We have to do something to redress this insane imbalance of power regarding such an important issue, gun control and gun safety, lives hang in the balance.
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