Dan Rather Worries That The Media Has Become ‘A Business Partner Of Donald Trump’

There was a severe imbalance of coverage between Trump and Bernie Sanders even though in some respects both campaigns could be seen as similar in terms of appealing to frustrations with the establishment and rampant economic pain amongst the working class, yet we repeatedly saw non-stop Trump coverage, in effect giving him billions of free advertising, whereas when it came to Bernie, we heard crickets. Les Moonves of CBS acknowledged how great Trump was for ratings, even going as far as to say that Trump may be bad for the nation, but he is great for CBS, what do we do with that? A top executive at a major news network reaping the benefits of high ratings because a candidate for the presidency is similar to an accident on the road and we are the rubberneckers clogging up the highways of information, not allowing for other candidates to be properly covered, while the network would be the police officers not doing their job in moving the traffic along, allowing for the accident to dominate the situation. We deserve better. Our news media is complicit in the dumbing down of America, their corporate memo, each parroting the other without analysis, fact checking or moral guidance. Why moral guidance? I think our news media should question a candidate that devotes most of his rhetoric on racist and misogynistic themes if only for the overall health of our society, the fourth estate was written into the constitution, they have a job to do and frankly they haven’t been doing it, at least not very well. We need to hold news accountable and we can do it by using our power as consumers.
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