Bernie Sanders Mounts Democratic Convention Platform Fight

What concerns me about Hillary Clinton and most of the establishment democrats is that they have taken the Democratic Party and remade it into the Wall Street Democratic Party, cementing what had started in the late 1970’s, when democrats were trying to keep up in campaign funding with the republican rivals, into concrete a policy platform. We saw their preference for Wall Street after 2008 when Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and others didn’t press for criminal charges to be put forth against bankers, instead they all supported the bailout without consequences. I voted for Bernie Sanders because he has always been for Main Street, his entire political career has been built on fighting for the people, he proved it through his actions as Mayor, his time in the House and in the Senate, he doesn’t mince words, he calls out what he sees as an egregious problem, the rate of childhood poverty in the wealthiest country in the world, the fact that we still don’t have universal health care and it is still considered to be a privilege, not a right, that jobs were sent overseas without a reciprocating plan. I still don’t understand how the powers that be, both at the corporate level and the government level, thought that replacing manufacturing jobs with service jobs was a good idea, what were they thinking, beyond the veil of greed and power that clearly had to have been at the forefront in those minds. I’m disappointed that the committee voted down the common sense environmental proposals put forth by Bernie Sanders’s people, the Palestinian issue was ignored, and Medicare for all was dismissed. I believe that the Bernie Sanders camp wants a realignment in the ideals that form the Democratic Party, they want to renew the New Deal where working class Americans, all working class Americans, have access to opportunities and possibilities without be crushed by huge debt either credit card debt, student loan debt or medical debt. Debt is such a big issue, it should be at the forefront of the internal debate in the Democratic Party and then extended to the general election, especially apropos considering the Republican Party’s nominee Donald Trump.
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