We Waste So Much Food That Congress Might Actually Do Something

Hopefully movement on our food waste problem will be the back door into better environmental protections, perhaps the Republican Party is unaware (which is fine as long as we get good legislation) that food waste contributes to climate change, the more food waste put into landfills the greater amounts of methane gas and other climate change gases are released into the atmosphere. While I applaud the bipartisanship attempt at food labeling, the final product leaves tons to be desired, it isn’t even a proper label bill, the information has to be scanned via smartphone, not as transparent as it should be, which is why I hope it doesn’t get signed into law, I want Vermont’s law to go into effect without opposition. Companies have already prepared for Vermont’s labeling requirements and I would hate to see all that hard work go to waste. Speaking of waste, I hope that congress will continue working together, tackling more food related issues such as the distribution problem we have between the “haves” and “have nots”. We have food deserts that severely limit the poorer communities options for healthy eating, food and healthy eating have become a class problem, we should fix that or risk condemning large swaths of our population to serious health problems and/or early death, both outcomes will cost us a lot in Medicaid allocations, so besides being the right thing to do, it is also the economical thing to do.
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