Bernie Sanders’ Endgame Is Increasingly Bewildering To Team Clinton

I believe the real issue here is the Democratic Party itself, the establishment members don’t want to rock the boat and Bernie Sanders, by not adhering to the conventional playbook, is rocking the boat. The people he appointed to the platform committee were voted down on major points such as Medicare for all, rejection of free trade deals and fracking regulations by the rest of the committee, all appointed by Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, they used our President as cover, but in my opinion they were keeping their corporate and Wall Street sponsors satisfied. This development is precisely why I think Bernie Sanders should continue with his strategy, he needs to keep his supporters fired up because they will demand more from the Democratic Party. Our Democratic Party had moved too far to the right and Bernie’s popularity clearly shows the hunger for progressivism, especially amongst the young people. Neoliberalism has done so much damage to our economy, not to mention the global economy, just ask those who voted for Brexit, they were reacting to free trade, low wages, job outsourcing and economic uncertainty, we have the same issues here, one reason Trump has touched a nerve with his faux populism. I think Bernie Sanders is the Man of the Year and he will be remembered for his courageous campaign for years to come. All we have to do is follow his lead and fight for what we want and need, an inclusive economy that works for all of us.
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