There’s A Deadly Problem With Our Water Hardly Anyone’s Talking About

I remember growing up in Astoria New York, being told New York tap water was the best in the nation, drinking tap water at meal times without a care in the world, that was back in the 1970’s before Reagan came in and convinced so many that government was the problem, not the solution. As a result of his condemnation of oversight and regulation, he gave license to an entire political party to take an ax to governmental agencies across the board, defunding so many of them as to sabotage any progress, rendering them ineffectual and this reinforcing public perception that government was indeed the problem. This strategy of naming a problem, making sure to implement policy to make the problem exist and then standing back and telling the populace “see, it is a problem”, was brilliant and so effective. We have to reclaim our government, we have to invest in it with people and funds to get policies in place that will sustain the broad swath of infrastructure that requires maintenance and rebuilding, if we continue following our present day trajectory of pushing items down the road, we will only see worse outcomes, things don’t get better if you stand around doing nothing, we have the power to change things, we just have to act. 
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