Why Trump’s Message Resonates, In 1 Chart

What we have to keep in mind is that what we are angry about will not be turned around quickly, all of our economic woes have had forty years to grow and become entrenched; the loss of unions, privatization of many public sectors, automation, manufacturing outsourcing, higher health care costs and education costs, etc, etc. The takeaway should be that no matter what, it is our job to vote, to be active participants of the political process at all levels. If we want change it is up to us to effect it and that takes work, there is no room for passivism in political life. We also need to remember that fear is the mind killer, to take a term from the movie “Dune” and it is so true, often the results of decisions taken because of fear are the ones we regret. We need to keep our heads about us, do our research and vote for the best candidate, not because we are scared, but because the person is the best candidate for the position. In this case we have so much proof that Trump is not qualified to be President, he is stoking the fears that underlie most angry and frustrated working people, we need to stand fast and resist the easy call of reactionary voting, it will bite us in the end. Every vote has a consequence, not necessarily bad because it depends on whom you ask, a vote for the left will most likely be a consequence that the wealthy will have to deal with, increases in taxes and better wages for average workers, consequences that the wealthy fight hard to avoid. It is in our best interests to vote left so that we can increase our economic chances for the better.
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