One Of The Nation’s Poorest Districts Has Found A Way To Help Immigrant Students

Our national identity is that of a nation of immigrants, if we want to successfully intergrate immigrants we need to follow the law as laid out in the 1964 Civil Rights Act. I realize that in many circles, this is an unpopular viewpoint but in the end it works out better for our society as a whole, we shouldn’t set up immigrants for failure, that is how we get into trouble. In my opinion, if we are truly concerned about having our children left behind, because of the special attention non-English speaking children and their parents are taking up, we should be demanding certain things from our lawmakers. The first item of business would be to separate property taxes from educational funding, it reinforces inequality, educational funding should be more progressive instead of the regressive form it is currently under. Secondly, we need to stop demonizing our teachers, we need to stop teaching to standardized tests and we need to get the arts back into schools. Unfortunately, our public school system has been vulnerable for a long time, those districts that are poorer have been under financial assault for a long time, these newer issues are putting more strain on a tinderbox, we need to make decisions that are hard. I’m not sure if the political will is there to do that, I hope so for all of our children’s sakes.
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