Memo to Democrats: learn from Brexit, or lose.

Mister Doyle brings up many important points throughout his article, juxtaposing the Brexit outcome and our own potential Trexit come November, the most important one, I believe, is the lack of a coherent and affirmative messaging, a clear deficit on behalf of the left. Hillary Clinton’s campaign doesn’t seem concerned about her large negativity numbers, I don’t understand why they aren’t being more proactive in turning those numbers around. Now that we have the benefit of hindsight which is always 20/20, we know that Bill Clinton did our economy a grave disservice when he signed into law the repeal of Glass-Steagal and then signed into law the deregulation of the commodities market, paving the way for not only the housing bubble, but the increased financialization of our economy. Moreover Bill Clinton’s aggressive campaign for free trade left the working class without the jobs that had kept their families housed and fed. Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, she hasn’t found an adequate response to those pesky historical economic facts, instead she promises to put Bill in charge of revitalizing our present day economy, no thank you. I suppose this is why many Bernie Sanders supporters are prepared to either stay home, write in Bernie Sanders or vote for Trump. When I hear some on the left stating that Hillary Clinton will win by a landslide or by a comfortable margin, I can’t help but agree with Bill Maher when he yells at them to stop talking, those assumptions almost guarantee low voter turnout in a country that already has low voter participation. If we don’t want a Trump presidency we need every single voter possible, the millennials, women and minorities.
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