How Old Scandals Shaped Clinton’s Email Mess From Start To Finish

I wish Bernie Sanders was our democratic nominee, he would have never had this type of problem, trust and judgment issues. Since the beginning of Servergate, I couldn’t stop asking myself “what was Hillary thinking, how could she not foresee the future consequences”. For good or bad, the Republican Party has had it out for the Clinton’s since 1992, ironically each one of the most vocal opponents during the impeachment process have had their own sex scandals, so I would think that given those lessons, she would have been more cautious and more circumspect about her future actions. However we must not forget that she is human, as a fellow human being, I can empathize with her, especially when I imagine what it must have been like to be attacked as she had been by the oppositional party simply because she was a Clinton. Why couldn’t she have been more transparent and forthcoming from the beginning? She acknowledged that she had made a mistake, but she shouldn’t have pooh poohed the investigation since she acknowledged her mistake, it just made her look worse for it. I have already become bored with the discussion, this shows me that I am not happy with her as the democratic candidate, I have been an ardent Bernie supporter since day one and I hope the Democratic convention gives us a wonderful surprise, Bernie as our nominee! 
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