Paul Ryan’s Dream Crushed

Seeing Paul Ryan’s political dreams blow up in his face doesn’t elicit any sympathy from my part, he is an Ayn Rand acolyte which is all I need to know to confidently dismiss his ideology as economically damaging to the majority of our nation. I guess leadership is much harder than it looks, Paul Ryan had a lot of fun criticizing John Boehner while he was at the helm, but now that the man is walking in Boehner’s shoes, it really isn’t a good fit is it, there are a ton of blisters and they are not going away anytime soon. I believe that he and his party are fundamentally ill equipped towards dealing with economic issues, they view poverty as a character defect, refusing to consider that political and economic policies in place since the late 1970’s have done so much in altering the employment and wage backdrop of our economy. Ronald Reagan promised us a good morning in America, we are still waiting, Ryan, with his agenda, just wants to double down on the trickle down economic theory favored by Reagan, it didn’t work then when Reagan was President, it didn’t work under the Bush presidency and it won’t work now. As Bill Maher pointed out on his show last Friday, we have used our states as political and economic experimental laboratories and the results are in, California under progressive economic policy has grown and developed budgetary surpluses, he forgot to mention Minnesota, while Kansas, following Paul Ryan’s ideological economic platform, has brought huge deficits to their state, forcing them to slash education and other important social programs, Bill also forgot to mention other similar failures, Louisiana, New Jersey and Wisconsin. I wish more voters would pay attention to these stories, it would fundamentally alter voting behaviors, a well informed voter is a powerful voter.
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