No, We Are Not In The Midst Of A Race War

Once you escape the bubble of conservative media and do your own homework, you will see that there isn’t a war on cops, but you will find a frightening number of African-Americans lives cut down tragically by law enforcement. The African-American community has the right to protest and demand justice, they have the facts on their side. They are human beings and they are being treated as less than, I have a son and I have never had to warn him on how to behave if he were to be pulled over and he has been pulled over for speeding, all mundane and uneventful. If we were African-American, I fear that those stops might not have been uneventful, if the police officer hadn’t received proper training or proper screening, we have some rotten apples entrusted with a huge responsibility and that is a scary fact. I grew up with friends who became police officers, I know they are committed to protecting our rights, freedoms and safety, but I also keep in mind that a certain tiny number who have character defects, enjoy the power trip, enter the police force and those are the ones who need to be weeded out. We need to have all of our police departments up the ante on strict screenings, we need to ensure that the least amount of power happy candidates enter the police force. What is happening in our nation cries out for a solution, we have a moral obligation to treat our people equally, our African-American communities deserve to be safe, deserve the right to dignity and respect, things that we take for granted, it has become an emergency situation and we need to engage in the proper response.
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