Clinton Reaffirms Support For Public Option In Bid For Sanders Supporters

I have gotten a lot of blowback over my continued support of Bernie Sanders, but when I read that Hillary Clinton’s platform continues to move left on issues, I feel vindicated because Bernie Sanders is clearly still making a substantial impact on this election and on the Democratic Party. This election is one of the most depressing I think of our history, our choices, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, don’t inspire much of anything. I grew up in New York City so I know all about Donald Trump and he is one of the worst candidates we could have ever subjected ourselves to, it makes me think that somehow we have become masochistic in our time of economic, political and social stress. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, just makes me sad. As a progressive and as a woman, I feel so conflicted about Hillary Clinton, the idea of a woman president is thrilling, but I don’t want just any woman, I want someone who not only understands the fundamental economic problems we have at this time, but wants to change them for the better. Her inclusion of the public option in our health care insurance pool is a huge step in the right direction, a significant problem we have in our economy is the lack of serious competition in the marketplace. This lack of competition effects our form of capitalism at every level, it may look as if we have choices, but at this point in time, we only have a few huge corporations who control markets at every level, diminishing our choices, forcing us to accept not the best price nor the best product, but the only prices set by the corporations themselves. Bernie Sanders, along with Elizabeth Warren, has been making this point over and over again, it’s wonderful that Hillary Clinton is finally seeing his wisdom and echoing it.
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