Donald Trump’s Anti-Establishment Scam

I don’t understand Trump’s allure. He is a fraud, he won’t release his tax returns because he knows he is a fraud. We have a saying “the house never loses” it’s a well worn saying except if the house has the name Trump in front of it, Trump has the experience of bankrupting casinos. If Merv Griffin were alive, he would explain to America that Donald Trump is a horrible negotiator and he can easily be taken to the cleaners. The good people of Scotland would tell us that the Donald is a tantrum prone cry baby while simultaneously being a loud, obnoxious bully. Trump will not protect Social Security, Medicare or jobs. He is every working person’s worst nightmare, so why and where is he getting his support? Read people! Just read! The answers lie in hundreds, if not thousands of newspaper articles, documenting his crazy universe, we don’t want him for president. We have enough problems to deal with, we can’t voluntarily give ourselves another one, not when we don’t have to, we deserve better.
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