Obama In Dallas: ‘We Are Not As Divided As We Seem’

I was heartened to hear the President speak of our need to address the wide pockets of poverty and despair, the lack of sensible gun control measures, the pervasive state of hopelessness in some communities, when you identify a problem, it makes it easier to find solutions to fix it or so one would think. I found President Bush’s quotable phrase “too often we judge others by their worst example, and ourselves by our best intentions” that is something we need to be mindful of as a society, it would also go a long way in police officer training. There is the sense of a vicious cycle being perpetrated by undercurrents of racism, our justice system in its entirety has been at many points biased against the African-American community, they have been vocal about their experiences for decades, but it has only been with the advent of cellphone video that the rest of America has been privy to the proof, how do we undo that sticky and complicated knot of injustice? We have so much work in front of us if we want to de-escalate the cycle of violence, we need better training at the police academy, we need to have police officers live in the communities they patrol, we need to hold our elected officials accountable for doing nothing except to give us lip service in the face of poverty and hopelessness. The challenges are great but not insurmountable.
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