Congress Finally Passes Bipartisan Legislation To Address Opioid Epidemic

Another bipartisan bill, hallelujah! I’ll stop with the sarcasm, since these bills are so rare, I will treat this one with the seriousness its subject deserves. I applaud congress for recognizing we have a drastic problem and coming together to address it, the first step to solving any problem is to name it and congress has done that, one box checked off. I don’t understand why they couldn’t proceed to the next step, funding requirements to provide for treatment centers, laying out a plan is all fine and good, but if you don’t provide money to implement your plan, where does it go from there? I also believe they failed to address the elephant in the room, opioid addiction most often starts with the doctor’s office. The pharmaceutical industry just recently admitted to the addictive nature of their product, because that is how they view opioid medications, as a product and we are the unwitting consumers to be convinced into using their product. How to fix that issue? I have used opioids as my doctors intended for me to use them, as a tool in pain management and I was lucky enough to be followed by a palliative specialist who weaned me from those medications. My doctors made themselves available to me at every step of my treatment, I had cancer, I realize that I was unbelievably lucky to have found them. However, I think my experience may be more rare than it should be, my healthcare insurance covered these doctors, my procedures and of course my medication. If I hadn’t had those resources, my story would have been so very and sadly different, so that is why I think this bill without funding will not be much of a success even if its heart is in the right place.
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