Heartbreak in Nice

I didn’t learn of the horrific attack in Nice until 8:30 p.m last night, my heart felt pain and my stomach sank. I was stunned when my husband told me that a huge truck was used to mow down people left and right before being shot to death by the French police. When will this nightmare end? How do we stop these madmen from using themselves as agents of death? I am sick and tired of going through the list of all of my family, where they are, who lives where, when I read about terror attacks in France. This sick and twisted ideology has to be destroyed, how I don’t know, it seems to seduce individuals who are disaffected and marginalized, weak and without a moral compass. How do we get to them, bring them into the fold before they self-radicalize? I have so many questions, but very few answers. 

I am heartsick today.


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