Mike Pence: Sarah Palin Without The Charisma

To be fair, Donald Trump’s pickings were very slim, Pence, Gingrich and Christie, not the best and brightest that is obvious. I suppose Donald was looking for someone the evangelicals would be attracted to and who had executive experience, I guess it didn’t matter if the experience resulted in bad decisions. I object to the idea of putting someone who is anti-science anywhere near the Oval Office, I also object to putting someone who is anti-women in same said office. That puts both Trump and Pence out of the running according to my litmus test, I hope this ticket will be enough to create an opportunity for the “NeverTrump” at the RNC convention. I may disagree with Republican ideology, but even Republicans deserve a candidate who is anything but a Donald Trump, he is woefully out of his depth, when are his supporters going to wake up?
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