Donald Trump Jr., Of All People, Denounces Fancy Schools And Elitism

Why does Donald J. Trump feel the need to denigrate his father’s accomplishments? Fred Trump was a self made multi-millionaire who started little Donny on his path to Manhattan. Donald J.Trump can twist the truth however many ways into next week, but he should not deny how essential his father’s success was to his own. To hear Donald Trump Jr perpetuate the myth of his father’s self made ascendency into wealth and then launch his own myth of learning at the school of the everyday person is laughable. This family is doubling down on hypocrisy especially when the economic platform they stand behind is designed to make everyday American lives even harder than they are now. Donald Trump Jr speaks about the elitism of higher learning institutions, yet neither he nor his father speak to making higher learning more accessible to everyone. There is no mention of perhaps expanding competent trade schools for those who aren’t interested in liberal arts, there is no mention of potential partnerships between industry and schools, a type of apprenticeship if you will, to provide education, experience and jobs for those interested in trade jobs as a career. Donald Trump Jr’s speech just reminded me of all the ways his father gamed the system, how much his father owed his grandfather and how much silver was in those silver spoons that they were both born with, thanks to Fred Trump. Poor Fred Trump, where is the love?    
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