In GOP Convention’s Shadow, Obamacare Is Paying Big Dividends

My fundamental criticism against the Republican Party is that they chose to do nothing to help improve the ACA, instead they wasted millions of dollars repealing the Act, what is the count now 50 times? Moreover their irresponsibility towards the American people knows no bounds when you consider the fact that they voted to repeal the law each and every time without a clearly defined replacement vehicle in place. The Republican Party constantly labels the President as the divider in chief, but I would argue that the evidence instead points to the Republican Party as the true dividers, they could have put their rigid ideology aside and worked with the President and his party to make the ACA a better law. It had already adopted many of the Republican principles that were working in Massachusetts when Governor Romney signed “Romneycare” into law, there was no excuse for their recalcitrance. Personally I would love to see our nation join the rest of the industrialized nations and usher in a single payer system, it would bring us very good outcomes while saving us quite a bit of money. We still outspend the rest of the world in healthcare costs without better healthcare outcomes, it doesn’t make any sense. Sadly our healthcare expenditures and outcomes mirror our military expenditure and outcomes, it points to a faulty reasoning, something we need to examine. Unfortunately during this election cycle, these questions aren’t being asked, instead this election is all about fear, not a healthy way to determine your next president.
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