6 Ways The GOP’s Environmental Platform Will Damage The Earth

Forget about Trump, forget about Mike Pence, if we want to do the right thing by our children and our grandchildren, we need to fight for our planet and that means voting for the party that cares and believes in science. We need to unite all liberals and have everyone head to the polls and vote democrat up and down the ticket. My argument to republicans who tell me to my face that climate change doesn’t exist, is even if you don’t believe humans have impacted overall climate for good or bad, how can they be in favor of pollution? We are in control of how polluted our water, soil and air become, it has been proven that pollution is dangerous to our health, is it too much to ask for clean air, clean water and clean soil? The republicans I ask this of, never have a good answer and they change the subject very quickly. Alternative energy sources have fallen exponentially in price, we are on the cusp of making huge strides in making fossil fuel a thing of the past. Why aren’t we embracing this excitedly as a nation? My answer to this is follow the money that leads right back to the oil, coal and gas companies. The Republican Party has historically been in bed with the oil industry and their interests align with the coal and natural gas industries so it is of no surprise that the 2016 Republican Platform would call coal clean energy and climate change a farce. It is up to us to fight back and our best way to do so is to vote democrat at every level; local, state, and federal. We only have one planet and it is of a moral imperative that we leave a viable one for future generations
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