The Criminal Justice System Was A Huge Focus At The DNC. But It Can’t Stop There.

I admire these activists, I would argue they are the definition of patriotism, seeking to make our nation the best possible nation for everyone. We want to believe in our exceptionalism, it has been ingrained into our psyche since elementary school, but when we look at the impersonal numbers, math doesn’t judge, we are falling short. We are number one and number two in certain areas, but these aren’t the areas you want to be exceptional, incarceration and obesity. Since we cannot rely on congress, the Republican Party for some reason is stalling over bringing legislation to the floor for debate, never mind a vote, it seems they aren’t interested in addressing the issue at this time. We can’t fix a problem if we don’t discuss it, activism is all about forcing the important conversations to the forefront which is why we need our activists. Our criminal justice system has structural racism built in from start to end, to counter that and change it, we need a multiple pronged approach. We need to provide better training, we need to fund our communities in ways that rely less on civil forfeiture, we need to stop criminalizing the poor, we need to make it possible to have police officers live in the communities they patrol; there is a lot to do which is why we need everyone on board, no one group can get everything done. Democracy is work, like marriage is work, like anything worthwhile is work. We have to get Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell off their perches, shake them up a bit and force them to bring these bills to the floor to at least get movement flowing, debates moving and voting done.
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