Rio’s Favelas Are Anything But Olympic Fun And Games

Last night, I interspersed watching the Games with watching Andrew Zimmern make his culinary way through the favelas in Rio on his show “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern”. He and his crew were given the rare approval of filming in the favelas and he discovered that the people were on their own in getting their own running water, electricity and other amenities that you or I take for granted. Contrast this level of poverty with the billions spent on making the Games a reality in Rio and it takes your breath away as to how oblivious the Brazilian government is to message they are sending to their people and to the world. Where is the humanity? I know this isn’t a new problem, this is now centuries old, but don’t we like to think we evolve as human beings? When I look around, I wonder how long will it take for us to evolve from greedy, power hungry, scared and judgmental humans. When will we take that leap of faith, the belief in the innate goodness of the human heart and treat each other as how we would like to be treated? I am not religious in the least, but I believe in people, I don’t think people are lazy or unworthy, I think when we break society down into smaller units, you see how people each have something of value to contribute, unfortunately life gets in the way most often and poverty is such a difficult cycle to break. Ironically poverty is something that society as a whole can come together to break, it however takes the will of the people as a whole to do it and that is when the individual gets lost in the equation because when it is looked at from a larger angle, you run into the problem of painting broad strokes, generalizations and stereotypes and there is where you fall into racist tropes because it is easy to do. We have a long road ahead of us before we make the necessary inroads into alleviating the problems of poverty abroad and also at home. 
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