Voters Say Economy, Supreme Court, Are Top Campaign Issues

If the people are really concerned about the Supreme Court, they should think long and hard about who they elect to the senate. We are still waiting for our ninth Supreme Court Justice because the senate under republican control won’t do their job in confirming or even not confirming Merrick Garland. Whoever thinks Trump is remotely concerned over the economic woes of the average working person, I have a bridge I can sell you for dirt cheap. The Republican Party hasn’t completely abandoned Trump because he speaks their code, as in tax code, anti-regulation, all policies tailor made for the wealthy and corporate America. On the democratic side, we had a chance to have Bernie Sanders, but too many wanted Clinton, so here we are. In her defense, she has laid out an economic plan that is progressively robust, sadly it hasn’t been reported on by mainstream media, they are all obsessed by Trump mania, it sells.
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