To Fight Zika Beyond Florida We Need Better Sex Education

We state with pride that we are the world’s wealthiest, most powerful nation, yet half of our lawmakers are willing to sacrifice our people to the ravages of mosquito borne illness all because of ideology. I know the Republican Party is the anti-science party, but how can they think it is okay to deny our medical researchers the funds necessary to find a viable Zika vaccination? There is good reason to think that Zika may be a symptom of climate change, where is the Republican Party on this issue, they are firmly in the denier camp. We are facing problems that demand fact based analysis and comprehension, I don’t see either being used by the Republican Party, they are the party of no, well except when it comes to tax cuts and deregulation, they are all in when it comes to those two issues. Starve the government except when it comes to the military and their own salaries and job perks while making business responsibility and accountability free, all the burden of society is pushed onto the shoulders of the 99%, this isn’t sustainable. #voteblue2016
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