Meet The New Face Of Bernie Sanders’ Revolution

I have been impressed with Zephyr Teachout ever since she burst onto the scene. She is definitely a candidate progressives must support because unlike Jill Stein, who pops up once every four years, Teachout is making sure that she gets into public service in an elected capacity to get her experience and to build relationships with other progressive leaders. We have strong progressive legislators such as Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown and hopefully Russ Feingold will win his race this November, having Zephyr Teachout join their ranks will be a boon to the progressive cause. We need to be strong on many different fronts, not just legislatively but also at the grassroots level which we have been if you follow campaigns such as the Fight for 15 an hour and the newest one, which calls for stable work hours so workers can schedule their lives better. Zephyr Teachout supports all of these grassroots worker driven campaigns and she will do her best to get these goals into the legislative arena. I hope she wins this November.

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