Electing Donald Trump Would Be Like Handing Paul Ryan A Blank Check

Perhaps the greatest fraud perpetuated by this election campaign is that Trump will be the one to shake everything up in Washington D.C, force lawmakers to the table and get things done. I believe that it is to the contrary, Trump will not be the mover and shaker, he will be the enabler for the privatisation of Medicare, Social Security, all federal lands and anything that had the concept of public good associated with it. Our planet, our domestic environmental policies will be stripped of all the wonderful protections our President labored to implement, it pains and scares me to think that at least 40% of the American people actively seek to destroy what progress we have made on so many important issues. Paul Ryan has been playing a long game with this election, he may despise who Trump is, but he sees him as an instrument in his quest to forever change our social contract for the worst for the 99% and for the profit of the 1%. I can’t help but think of Teddy Roosevelt during these remaining days leading up to the election, he would be raging and gnashing his teeth, calling for descent and American values to win the day. Let us do him proud.

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